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What to expect from a virtual summer school

What to expect from a virtual summer school

by Newcastle University

Our Bitesize Uni Summer School is going online this year! But what can you expect from a virtual summer school? And better yet, what can you get out of one? 

A big question mark is hanging over the prospect of university for lots of young people at the moment. The world has changed a lot, and it's normal for your priorities and ambitions to have changed too. 

If you're still mapping out your next move, wondering whether university is the right choice for you, or you know you want to pursue higher education but don't know what to expect, then Bitesize Uni is for you. 

Our incredibly popular annual summer school gives prospective students their first, proper taste of university life - as well as the chance to get answers to all your burning university questions

Read on to find out exactly what to expect from a virtual summer school.

  • The chance to attend live subject sessions delivered by academic staff

Do you have a subject you love, and want to build a career in? Or a subject you don't know much about, but would be interested in finding out more?

At Bitesize Uni, you get the chance to attend live subject sessions delivered by academic staff

These are the people at the forefront of their fields, teaching current students and working on ground-breaking research too. Find out more during a subject session, including what it would be like to study the subject at a degree level


  • The chance to ask questions to academic staff

Going to university can seem scary. It's normal to feel a bit anxious - as well as excited - at the prospect of it. 

Put your mind at ease and chat directly to academic staff. Ask them about workloads, deadlines, the types of assignments you'd have to do and how many contact hours you have.

You may even want to find out more about the type of support available to you as a Newcastle University student, and how accessible the academics are if you need a little helping hand with a piece of coursework or an assignment. 

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to get to know your subject area, and the culture at Newcastle University. 


  • Meet and work alongside other likeminded students and current Newcastle students on fun interactive tasks 

Summer schools offer the rare opportunity to get a real taste for university life, as well as build new friendships!

Through interactive tasks, you'll be able to engage with those in your year group or at university, and share your worries or ambitions for university life. 

Don't be intimidated if you're a little introverted. Everybody's in the same boat, and tasks like this can act as great ice-breakers! You may even find Bitesize Uni helps you to build your confidence within a group of strangers, which will be a big help if you do attend university in the future.  


  • Attend Higher Education skills sessions to build up your knowledge and skills to prepare for University

The leap from college or sixth form to university is quite a big one! So it's natural to feel apprehensive about whether you'll be ready or fully prepared. 

Our Higher Education skills sessions take the guesswork out of university life.

Get a real feel for the expectations of a university student, and a head start on your university journey. 


Newcastle University Campus Summer School


  • Attend bespoke personal development sessions to set your own goals and reach your potential

University is a fun, challenging and life-altering opportunity. But it's not for everyone, and that's okay. 

If you're still unsure about what to do after school or college, or maybe you want to go to university but don't know what career is right for you, don't panic.

Pop along to one of our bespoke personal development sessions for the chance to set personal goals, and feel out the path that's right for you.


  • Access to a virtual campus tour

What better way to see if you can picture yourself at university than by exploring the campus? 

Our virtual campus tour walks you through all our historic buildings.

Get an exclusive look at where you might one day meet with friends for lunch at the Student's Union, have a lecture in the grand Armstrong Building or knuckle down for a study session in one of our libraries. 


  • Take part in virtual social activities – BSU Bake Off, Take-away quiz night

No summer school is complete without the chance to socialise and have a bit of fun.

After a year of so much uncertainty and worry, chat with those who know what it's like to be a prospective student right now.

Build lasting connections, see your confidence grow, test your baking prowess or even push your trivia skills to the limit! 

  • Take part in competitions to win prizes

Lastly, you could even win a prize. 

We're hosting a number of competitions this year, so on top of building your confidence, making new friends and getting your first real taste of uni life - you can actually walk away with a prize too!

Our Bitesize Uni is always a prospective student favourite, and we're sure you'll feel the same. Don't miss out on securing your place with us this year by signing up using our simple form. We hope to see you there!