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Applying to university in 2022 | A parent’s timeline

Is your son or daughter thinking about going to university in 2022? If they are, it might feel like you have plenty of time before they start this next big adventure. But actually, there are things you could be doing now, both to support them and help make sure their application goes smoothly.

4 min read

How to support your son or daughter studying from home

As 2020 drew to a close and the new year began, came the dual announcements that A Level and Scottish Highers exams would be cancelled in 2021. Instead, as the global pandemic continues to interrupt students’ education, grades this year will be based on school and teacher assessments.

3 min read

How to cope when your son or daughter goes to university

Let’s be honest, it’s tough being a parent when your son or daughter leaves home to go to university. You want them to become the wonderful, confident and independent person you know they can be, but it’s hard to see them go.

3 min read

How to Reassure Your Son or Daughter | A Parent's Guide

Tens of thousands of students successfully apply to universities every year through Clearing, but how does it work and how can you support your son or daughter through this process? Clearing matches applicants to available university places. Your son or daughter will be eligible to use it if: they...

3 min read

What life skills do you develop at university? | A Guide for Parents

Studying a degree is a big investment, so how can you be sure your son or daughter is making the right decision? Fortunately, there's more to studying at university than gaining a qualification. With all the hard work also comes a myriad of transferable skills that will see your son or daughter...

2 min read

Surviving Open Days | Top Tips for Parents

A university Open Day is a chance for soon-to-be-students and their parents to visit campus and experience what it’s like to live and study there. Families get the chance to find out about courses, accommodation, student support, and careers' services. But there’s a lot on offer at an Open Day, so...

2 min read

How Universities Look After Students | A Guide for Parents

It’s a difficult thing to wave goodbye to your son or daughter as they head off to university and their next big adventure. This might be the first time they’ve had to live independently, cook their own meals, or travel to and from a city far from home. How can you be sure they’ll be happy,...

3 min read

What is student accommodation really like? | A Guide for Parents

As a parent soon to be dropping your son or daughter off at university, you might be wondering what student accommodation is really like.

6 min read