Study with us | How you’ll learn at university 

During the global pandemic you’ve had to change the way you learn. Now, some of those new skills you’ve mastered are about to make the move from school to university study much easier.  In another of our 'Study with us' series of blogs, find out:  

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Helping make your career dreams come true

We’re one of the top 20 'most targeted' universities by the UK's leading employers – that means you’ll leave us as a highly desirable graduate, ready to take the next steps in your career. Read on to find out about the resources, services and advice you could access to achieve your career dreams if...

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Study with us | Adding to your degree

Your university experience isn’t just about studying for a degree, it’s also your chance to develop valuable employability skills, broaden your horizons and gain real-world experience that could help you lay the foundations for your future career. In this ‘Study with us’ blog, we’ve taken a look at...

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What support is available for international students?

Starting university is an exciting time, particularly when it involves studying in a different country.  Newcastle University is home to over 28,000 students from more than 140 countries, so we understand what it’s like for students to study abroad. We also know how sometimes they need a little...

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5 minutes with: Nancy Kerr-Elliott, Folk and Traditional Music Degree

Acclaimed folk musician Nancy Kerr-Elliott has recently joined Newcastle University as a Lecturer in Folk and Traditional Music. With 40 years' experience playing the violin and a wealth of knowledge spanning composition, traditional song, English violin repertoire and music therapy, Nancy brings...

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The graduate immigration route explained

On 4 March, the UK government confirmed that the Graduate Immigration Route is open for applications on 1st July 2021. But what does this mean for you? Not only is the UK a great place to receive a world-class education, you can also get valuable work experience and add some of the world's biggest...

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5 transferable skills from university

Transferable skills are skills that can be applied to any situation or workplace. For example, communication skills or problem-solving.  When you go to university, you become an expert in your subject area but you also build on valuable skills that will help you in your professional career, and can...

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How to start a business at university

Some of the world’s biggest names started at university, including Snapchat, Facebook and Google. Could your business be the next addition to that list?  Never has the value of university been more contested than recently. Many prospective students are tempted to skip university, and jump straight...

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Studying Geography in Newcastle

For future geography students, it’s important to find a university where you have access to dynamic landscapes, and where you can build a career. Find out why current geography student, Niamh, chose to study in Newcastle.

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