Student Diary | A day in the life of a Civil Engineering student

Curious to find out what a typical day would be for an engineering student? Find out why Asa chose to study Civil Engineering, and what she thinks about the reality of student life... Hi there! Or as the Geordies say, “HOWAYYYY MAN.”

2 min read

7 reasons to attend an Offer Holder Day

Once you’ve applied to a university and received an offer, you’ll often be invited to an Offer Holder Day on campus.

2 min read

World Cancer Day: Inspirational Alumni

Take a look at how our inspirational alumni are contributing to the fight against cancer. I wanted to make a difference

13 min read

Top 10 Events in February

With exams a distant memory, resolutions forgotten and January “blues” no more, it’s officially time to say hello to February! From Valentine’s Day to Pancake hunting, here’s our pick of events that you just can’t miss…  

2 min read

Discover your revision personality type

Are you a Wordsmith, a Socialite, or a Crammer? Discover your revision personality type and what it says about you. We all know that revision is essential for exam prep, but how do you actually do it? What revision methods do you use? Even though you and your friends might be revising the exact...

2 min read

From Newcastle Student to Night Zookeeper

Find out how our graduate Joshua Davidson went from a Fine Art BA to launching a children’s TV show on Sky Kids. Joshua’s been busy since graduating from Newcastle University.

3 min read

How to choose a university course that’s right for you

Figuring out what to study at university is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. Follow our simple 5-step guide to choosing a university course and before long you’ll have found your passion and started on the road to your future career. Thought choosing your A Level (or equivalent)...

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Studying abroad | Diary of a university placement year in South Korea

  Because Robbie's blog was written before the global pandemic, some aspects of the experiences he describes may be different while Covid-19 restrictions are in place. For the latest information about how we're keeping our students and staff safe, visit our dedicated Student Enquiries page....

3 min read

How Universities Look After Students | A Guide for Parents

It’s a difficult thing to wave goodbye to your son or daughter as they head off to university and their next big adventure. This might be the first time they’ve had to live independently, cook their own meals, or travel to and from a city far from home. How can you be sure they’ll be happy,...

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