Meet our in-house Careers Team

Did you know that here at Newcastle we have a huge student-facing department entirely dedicated to helping you prepare for the job market and achieve your dreams? We met with some of the team and asked them for their Careers Service highlights. Our Careers Service Information Officers, Careers...

3 min read

How are Master's Degrees Graded?

Whether you're interested in a Master's, you're already studying towards a Master's, or perhaps you're just curious - read our blog post on how Master's degrees are graded. 

4 min read

Can Master's Students Join Societies?

So much is said about the social aspect of university for Undergraduate students, but what about Postgraduate students? Read our blog post by Museum Master's student Sakshi, as she explains whether Master's students can join societies. 

2 min read

What is Online Learning?

Everybody seems to be talking about online learning, but what does it actually mean? And are there any good things about studying online? Find out in our latest blog post. 

5 min read

Master's Funding: My Experience and Tips

Other than making sure your Master's application is as strong as possible, ensuring you have the funding you need is the next important stage. Read below the experience of one of our postgraduate students, Amy, and her top tips for applying for funding. When I decided to apply for a Master’s in...

3 min read

Student Diary | A Day in the Life of an International Marketing Student

The university life of a student starts and ends with each semester, in between comes the lectures, workshops, group projects, individual assignments, and final exams.  But what about the rest of your time? There is always scope to add some extracurricular activities in a daily life routine....

2 min read

This is why International Students Should Choose Newcastle

Are you thinking of studying in the UK? Do you want to know why we're one of the most popular higher education destinations? According to the UK's Higher Education Statistics Agency, over 500,000 EU and international students are currently studying here, so you won't be alone! But we know there is...

3 min read

Student Diary | A Day in the Life of an Ecology & Biodiversity Master's Student

As an MSc student studying Global Wildlife Science & Policy – a course now called Ecology and Biodiversity – writing about a “typical day” is a pretty difficult task, and I know it’s cliche, but no day is the same. Although Kristina's blog was written before the global pandemic, she's updated her...

3 min read

Why I Chose to go Back to University to do a Master's

Deciding to undertake a Master’s degree after three years of hard work as an undergraduate student can be an intimidating decision. However, it turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. I loved my Media, Communication and Cultural Studies degree at Newcastle University. Even with the...

3 min read

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