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Living with us | Molly’s story

Want to know what Uni halls are really like? In another of our ‘Living with Us’ series of blogs find out what happened when Molly applied for accommodation with us and get her top tips on living with flatmates. Hi, I’m Molly, and I'm studying Philosophy. During my first year at Newcastle, I lived...

2 min read

Living with us | Supporting you is teamwork

Making sure our students feel safe and supported living with us is all about teamwork. In another of our ‘Living with us’ series of blogs, we’ve taken a look at how our great teams at Newcastle will help you settle in once you’ve joined us, and how they work to make sure you have the best possible...

1 min read

Living with us | Live your best ResLife

Living away from home for the first time, learning new life skills and making new friends, can feel like a daunting prospect. That’s why we’ve developed ResLife. In this blog – part of our ‘Living with Us’ series – we’ve focused on the network of support ResLife provides for our first-year...

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Living with us | Finding your home from home

Moving away from home for the first time can be a little overwhelming, so when it’s time to choose your university accommodation make sure you research your options. At Newcastle University, you can only apply for accommodation if you are holding an offer to study with us. We'll then let you know...

2 min read

What is student accommodation like?

If you’re thinking about going to university, are you wondering what it will be like to live away from home? This blog will give you an insight into living with us, and how we support our students. Read on to find out more about our accommodation – where you could be living if you join us, what...

3 min read

From course mates to lifelong pals | How to make friends at uni

Every coming-of-age film depicts the strong friendships you make at university. But are you still struggling to find your #squad? Feeling more alone than ever in an era when everyone is supposedly connected? It’s not always easy to make new comrades. Here Media, Communication and Cultural Studies...

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