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Living with us | Supporting you is teamwork

Living with us | Supporting you is teamwork

by Susie Woods

Making sure our students feel safe and supported living with us is all about teamwork.

In another of our ‘Living with us’ series of blogs, we’ve taken a look at how our great teams at Newcastle will help you settle in once you’ve joined us, and how they work to make sure you have the best possible experience in your new home from home.

Possibly your first contact with our Accommodation Service will be when you apply for your accommodation. Your application will be dealt with by our Allocations team, and they’ll be your first port of call if you have any queries about your tenancy or your contract in our University-owned and managed partnership accommodation. You can book an appointment - in person or online - to discuss any issues or concerns you may have.

If you choose a managed partnership site, a private provider will manage your tenancy, but we’ll sort out your application and allocation.

If you have a financial question, Accommodation Finance will be able to talk over any queries or concerns you may have (Accommodation.Finance@ncl.ac.uk).

On moving-in day, our friendly staff will welcome you to your residence.

In University-owned accommodation, our reception desks are manned by members of our Customer Services team who will be able to advise on any issues you might have.

Behind the scenes, our Residences team makes sure everything is working smoothly. Although everything should be in top shape when you join us, if you need to report a repair at any time, you can do this either at our reception desks or via our Repair Request form.

And our ResLife team will be there to support you as you learn to live independently and make new friends.

Our ResLife programme is packed with practical workshops and social events, so you don’t just learn valuable life skills, you also have fun!

Need help outside of reception hours? Our Security Team is on call 24/7. Help points are conveniently located at our University-owned sites or you can ring for assistance on 0191 208 6817. You can also download our SafeZone app which allows you to request help at the touch of a button.

More information about our Accommodation - and your experience living with us - is also available on our website.

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