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This is what to do if you've missed the student finance deadline

Still need to sort out your undergraduate student loan? Don’t panic! Find out how to apply late if you've missed the student finance deadline, as well as tips to get your loan quicker, below.

3 min read

Teetotal in the 'Toon' | Alcohol-free activities for students

After-hours activities at university undoubtedly play an important role, but everyone has a different idea of the 'perfect night out'. In Newcastle, some students enjoy the world-famous Geordie nightlife, but that's not all the city has to offer. Journalism, Media and Culture student, Jenny, shares...

4 min read

6 surprising facts about Newcastle University

Think you know what to expect when you go to university? Take a look at some of the things you can do and get involved in during your time with might be surprised!

4 min read

How to apply for student finance

Getting everything in order before you start university can feel a little overwhelming at times, particularly when it comes to applying for student finance. If you're a UK student and are finding applying for your student loan intimidating, read our complete guide on how to apply for student...

3 min read