Course: BA Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Hometown: Subang Jaya, Malaysia Society/team(s): Malaysian Society, Islamic Society, International Society, TEDx Society Why you chose Newcastle University: Course rankings and relatively low living costs Favourite thing about Newcastle: The Quayside, Geordie culture and amazing friends! Interesting fact: I didn’t get to go to my diploma graduation back in Malaysia so I did a photoshoot in Newcastle, Photoshopping myself in robes and a graduation cap. It went pretty viral online!
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5 Things I Took for Granted Before the Covid-19 Outbreak

As a final year student, Ari was devastated to spend most of her last semester away from University. Here she shares 5 things she took for granted before the COVID-19 outbreak... As a final year student, I was devastated to spend most of my last semester of university… not actually physically being...

2 min read

Ramadan in Lockdown | Ari

Media, Communication and Cultural Studies student Ari shares insight into spending this year’s Ramadan in Newcastle during lockdown. You can also r ead Waqar’s blog about spending this year’s Ramadan at home during lockdown.

1 min read

4 Reasons I Chose To Stay in the UK During the Covid-19 Outbreak

'Should I fly back to my home country or stay in Newcastle where I am?' - the ultimate dilemma plaguing the minds (pun intended!) of every international student in the world during the Covid-19 outbreak. To risk boarding flights full of potential coronavirus carriers, or to remain in a foreign...

2 min read

My Journey to Newcastle - Arifah

Studying abroad at a top university had always been a dream of mine, and now I have the immense privilege of it being my reality. Upon reflection, it has been quite a journey indeed!

4 min read

3 Ways to Make Friends for Life at University

As the cliché saying goes, the friends you meet at university will become your friends for life - and every coming-of-age film depicts that strong friendships are part of what makes university so great. But are you still struggling to find your #squad? Feeling more alone than ever in an era where...

3 min read