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Unibuddy | find out what university is really like

Unibuddy | find out what university is really like

by Katherine Hanrahan

Choosing the right university – whether you’re hoping to do an undergraduate degree or want to go on to postgraduate study – can be tough.

Deciding where to go and what to study can take months of research and careful thought and, with so much information available, you can end up feeling a little overwhelmed by the enormity of making a decision.

What if you could talk to someone who’s studying the degree course you’re interested in? If you could find out what student life is really like at a particular university? Or you could ask your questions – whatever they may be – and get straightforward answers from someone who’s just like you?

If that sounds like something you want to do, it’s time to explore Unibuddy.


What is Unibuddy?

How can I access the Newcastle University Unibuddy platform?

Who can I chat to?

What questions can I ask?

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What is Unibuddy?


Founded in 2015, Unibuddy is a digital platform that connects prospective students with staff and students at individual universities.

Operating worldwide at over 200 institutions, it’s a great way to learn about a university from the people who know it best, and get the straightforward answers you need to make the right choices about your higher education journey.

How can I access the Newcastle Unibuddy platform?

Using Unibuddy is easy. Once you're on our Unibuddy platform, simply follow the directions to sign up.

You’ll need to supply some basics details, including an email address, and you’ll have to create a password.

Once you’ve received an email verification link from us, you’ll be ready to start chatting to our Unibuddies. And if you have any difficulties setting up your Newcastle account, you can easily get in touch with our Unibuddy support by following the ‘Contact us’ link.

Who can I chat to?

On our platform you can filter your search by choosing the degree you’re interested in and your level of study, whether that’s undergraduate or postgraduate.

Because Newcastle has a vibrant, multicultural student community, our student Unibuddies are drawn from a range of different countries – so you can also search by country and possibly end up talking to someone from home.

You can chat to our staff Unibuddies, too – from our Outreach Ambassadors and colleagues in our Careers Service, to our teaching assistants, admissions tutors, lecturers and degree programme directors.

What questions can I ask?

Our student Unibuddies represent each of our three faculties – Science, Agriculture and Engineering; Humanities and Social Sciences; and Medical Sciences – as well as our Business School. That means you get to put your subject specific questions to current students who are actually studying the degree you’re interested in.

And, because our student Unibuddies provide brief personal profiles, including what year they’re in and what University clubs and societies they’ve joined, you can talk to them about their experiences at Newcastle, too, and get some top tips on student life.

Our staff Unibuddies can help with all aspects of the University and student experience at Newcastle – whether you want to know more about applying to us, or want to find out about the programme content of your dream degree, and our approach to teaching and learning.

Members of our Careers Service can answer any queries you might have about employability and your future, including your future options, jobs, work experience and placements. And our transition officers can help with any concerns you may have about adjusting to life at university.

Read our Unibuddy blogs

Many of our student Unibuddies have been busy writing fantastic blogs about their experiences, with subjects ranging from how to prepare for university study, to a typical day in the life of our students.

For example, you can read Suksheetha's blog about moving to the UK from india to study Architecture and even find out the essential things every Architecture and Urban Planning student should pack for university, or discover the five best things about studying Archaeology at Newcastle from Rory. 

Postgraduate student, Adarsh from India, has been writing about his decision to return to university to study for an MBA, while Mechancial Engineering student, Jennifer, has some advice on finding PhD vacancies, as well as preparing to study at postgraduate level.

If you want to read these blogs and more, just click on the ‘Read more’ link in our Unibuddies’ profiles and start exploring what it’s really like to study with us.

We hope you’ve found this blog useful. For some practical tips on researching undergraduate degree courses, why not read our blog about choosing the course that's right for you. And if you’re interested in postgraduate study with us you can explore your options on our postgraduate hub.