This is How to Write a Personal Statement for a Master's

In theory, a personal statement should be easy. But we understand how hard it is to put pen to paper. Read our latest blog by postgraduate student, Kristina, on how to write a personal statement when applying for your Master's.  It can be tricky to put down in words why you should be accepted on a...

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How to Write a Research Proposal for a Master's Degree

Unsure how to start your research proposal? Read below our top tips from Banking and Finance student, Nelly, on how to structure your proposal and make sure it's a strong, formative foundation to build your dissertation. It's understandable if the proposal part of your dissertation feels like a...

3 min read

Taught vs. Research Master's: What's the Difference?

Read our blog by Master's student, Hannah, to find out the difference between the types of Master's degrees, and how to choose the right one for you. Applying to postgraduate programmes became one of the most confusing challenges I’d ever faced. Finding a programme that matched what I wanted, a...

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What Will Campus Look like in 2020?

Much has changed so far this year, so you’ll be wondering what our campus might look like from September 2020. Our teams from across the University have been working hard, putting extra measures in place, to ensure our community is kept safe and our campus is ready to welcome us back this September.

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Master's Funding: My Experience and Tips

Other than making sure your Master's application is as strong as possible, ensuring you have the funding you need is the next important stage. Read below the experience of one of our postgraduate students, Amy, and her top tips for applying for funding. When I decided to apply for a Master’s in...

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What will student accommodation look like in 2020?

Much has changed so far this year, so you’ll be wondering what your future student accommodation might look like in 2020. Over the last several months, our accommodation and residences teams have been working hard to ensure that all first year students have an enjoyable accommodation experience...

6 min read

How to prepare for Postgraduate studies as a mature student

Deciding to take on postgraduate studies once you've already left university and started a career is never the easiest choice to make. As time wears on, things like employment and family become more important, and going back to university is lower down your list of priorities.

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Why Choose Newcastle University 2023

There's a lot to navigate when it comes to Results Day, especially if you're confronted with a sudden change of plans and find yourself in Clearing.

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How will my exam grades be awarded in 2021?

  This blog has been produced by our marketing team to summarise information about how grades will be calculated in 2021. Please note, the information it contains may be subject to change.

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