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How to Write a Personal Statement for Nutrition

How to Write a Personal Statement for Nutrition

by Newcastle University

Are you interested in studying a Food and Human Nutrition degree? One of the first steps to applying to the degree is to write your personal statement. 

To help you with your application to study Human Nutrition we spoke with Dr Tom Hill, the Degree Programme Director, to find out what he looks for when assessing a personal statement, and his suggestions on how to write the perfect personal statement.



Make sure your statement is original 

You know yourself better than anyone else and your personal statement is exactly that, a personal statement. 


Plan and organise your personal statement 

Don’t try to write your personal statement in one sitting. These things take time. Plan out your structure then build it one piece at a time.


Show your passion

Make sure your personal statement gets across your passion for Food and Human Nutrition. What excites you about nutrition and why are you interested in studying on this course?


Provide evidence

Wherever possible, back up your statements with evidence. Show off you skills and personal attributes with relevant work experience and extra-curricular activities.


Write about your ambitions

Our Food and Human Nutrition degree is a stepping stone to a fantastic future. Make sure you tell us what your ambitions are for after the degree and how they relate to nutrition.

And those are Tom’s five tips for writing the perfect personal statement for Food and Human Nutrition at Newcastle University. If you have any questions about the degree or coming to study here at Newcastle University, just ask using the big pink button below.


Writing your personal statement can be a little daunting. Striking the right tone, showcasing why you're a good fit for the course, getting the right length - it's a lot to think about when combined with the rest of your application. We hope this blog post has made writing your personal statement a little more manageable. if you still need a little extra help, why not download our university application checklist? Alternatively, if you're considering Newcastle University, find out why to choose us this year

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