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Can Master's Students Join Societies?

Can Master's Students Join Societies?

by Sakshi

So much is said about the social aspect of university for Undergraduate students, but what about Postgraduate students? Read our blog post by Museum Master's student Sakshi, as she explains whether Master's students can join societies. 

Can Master's students join societies?

Yes, Master's students can access clubs and societies just as often as undergraduate students.

I always had a passion for photography, but I never had the time to learn photography skills until I came across the Photography society at Newcastle University. 

Being a part of society was one of the best decisions I ever made. University has  various cultural and sports societies that welcome beginners with open arms. If this is something you want to consider then let me guide you through various aspects of joining a society or club.


Why should I join a society as a Master's student?

Societies are the best place to enrich your interests, or get some all important relaxation that we students pine for.

Students need to work hard for postgraduate degrees, but societies give you the positive and energetic vibes that motivate you to perform better in your studies.

Joining a society is a one-time opportunity because it's not often in your life that you take out time for your hobbies or interests. 


How do I join a society as a Master's student?

When you join University, almost all the societies have try-outs where you can test the waters and find what activities are right for you. Try-outs are the best way to recognise whether you would like to be a part of society or not. In some societies, you may need equipment that you either borrow or buy from the University depending on  what's available to you.

For example, I used to borrow a camera from the university for my society classes since I didn’t have a DSLR Camera.

Some societies also have a ball night or pub night, and these provide the perfect opportunity to connect and make friends for life. Societies push you to try new things, and explore skills you may not realise you have. 


Can I start my own society?

If you do not find anything that interests you at the Fresher’s fair, you can create your own society and become the founder of it. This would  benefit your CV, and be a great thing to mention during interviews. to showcase your organisational and administrative skills. Also, some societies are directly or indirectly related to your academic course which may come in handy,


Societies and clubs are the best places to find new friends who have similar interests, skills, and passions as you. In my experience being a part of society gives you a new vision, additional skills, and a chance to unwind from your studies.