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6 reasons to attend an Offer Holder Day

6 reasons to attend an Offer Holder Day

by Caroline Hardaker

Once you’ve applied to a university and received an offer, chances are you'll be invited to an Offer Holder Experience Day on campus.

These mini Open Days are organised by the academic school you’ve applied to, and give soon-to-be-students and their guests the chance to discover more about what they’ll actually be studying and where their lectures, seminars, and learning will take place.

Now, you can find out everything you need to know in our round-up of the top 6 reasons to attend an Offer Holder Experience Day.



  1. Meet your teaching staff

  2. Find out more about your course

  3. Explore the campus

  4. Discover the city

  5. Step into your new accommodation

  6. The opportunity to ask questions – big or small


Meet your teaching staff

You’ll hear talks by your lecturers and you’ll get the opportunity to talk to them about your interests, certain modules, and how it’ll all work.

As different subject areas arrange their own Offer Holder Days each event will be different, but it’ll be likely that you’ll have the opportunity to visit an information fair with stalls from departments across the university, including finance, careers, the Students’ Union, and studying abroad.


Find out more about your course

Explore the building your subject calls home, and find out more about the facilities that make it special.

This is a great opportunity to meet and speak to other offer holders who you’ll be studying with once you arrive at university. There might also be current students or graduate ambassadors present who can tell you about their experiences studying your subject.


Explore the campus

Getting a feel for a campus is one of the most important parts of an Open Day or Offer Holder Day.

While visiting, take some time to walk around campus, explore the library, Students’ Union, and sports facilities, grab a bite to eat from a campus café, food stall, or restaurant, and find out how close campus is to local amenities, shops, and the train station (we’re right in the heart of the city).

If you previously visited campus on an Open Day, an Offer Holder Day gives you the chance to experience the university grounds during a completely different season.




Discover the city

Taking part in an Offer Holder Day is the perfect opportunity to find out more about the city or town you’ll be living in.

From shops, farmers' markets, and cinemas to restaurants, parks, and sports stadiums, find out what the city has to offer. Larger cities often host festivals or events, so why not attend one while you’re there?


Step into your new accommodation

Choosing the style or type of student accommodation that you’ll be calling home can be difficult, but it’s made a lot easier by going on an accommodation tour.

First-year students are guaranteed accommodation at Newcastle University, and our student residences range from traditional student villages to city-centre apartments.


The opportunity to ask questions – big or small

The main purpose of an Offer Holder Experience Day is to help you learn more about your subject, your course, and university life in general.

From professors and student ambassadors to librarians and careers advisers, all the staff in attendance are there to answer your questions, so don’t be afraid to ask your questions, no matter how big or small.