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Should I stay at home for university?

Should I stay at home for university?

by Caroline Hardaker

Moving out to go to university is a big deal, and it's not for everyone. Each year, many students opt to live at home or locally during their studies, and still get to enjoy all the fun and excitement of university life without having to compromise on home comforts.

Leaving home for the first time can be daunting. And it takes a lot of maturity to know when you're ready for it. 

Though the majority of people heading to university will move into halls of residence or a house share, for others moving out just isn't the right time for them. 

And that's okay.

To support you as you weigh up your options for 2022, we've explored five of the benefits of living at home for uni, or staying in the local area.  Read on to find out more. 


You will stay close to your family

Enjoying new experiences and meeting like-minded people doesn't have to come at the expense of being near to your family. 

Whether you need to stay with your family for personal reasons or if you just don't feel like leaving them would make you happy, you're absolutely entitled to choose a university based on its proximity to them. 

After all, you're about to embark on a new and challenging chapter in your life, it's natural to want a strong support system on-hand should you need them.

From reassuring words to cooked dinners; being near your family will give you the conditions you need to tackle your assignments and exams confidently, in a safe, supportive space. 


University will be more financially viable

Studying from home can be a lot cheaper for many students, because it cuts back on costs like rent, bills and even doing your own food shopping. 

Also, not having to worry about money during your studies will help you really knuckle down and focus on your work. 

You may choose to get a part-time job during your studies. In which case, living at home will free up your wages so you can enjoy university whilst still saving for the future. 

You could spend the money you save on travelling, your own house, or just rainy day. 


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You will make plenty of new friendships, without losing old ones

Saying goodbye to your old school friends is tough.

Though many of your friends may be moving elsewhere to study, there's sure to be others that are staying local who you can still enjoy the company of. 

If you decide to live at home, you can still make new friends too. Unlike what many people think, living with others isn't the only way to build friendships. 

Your course, sports, societies - there are loads of opportunities for you to find friends for life. 

Plus you'll know all the best places to hang out and go for drinks, so that's sure to win you over some new friends right away!


You will get to enjoy home comforts during your studies

One thing that is a big adjustment for lots of students who move out is sharing your living space with new people. 

Everybody has different habits, sleeping patterns or standards of living, and these differences sometimes lead to conflict in uni halls. 

When you stay at home, you get to enjoy studying and living in a space that's familiar, safe and where you and your family know and respect each other's routines

And, if you find it tough to study and work in your family home, universities have plenty of study spaces available across campus so you're never short of quiet spaces to focus. 


It will be easier to focus and have more autonomy over your time

Striking a balance between work and play takes time for new students.  

What often messes with that balance is all the independence that comes with living with other young people in a new space.And with flatmates having conflicting schedules and deadlines, it can be hard to not get distracted.

When you live at home, you get to choose your work and play time.

If you feel like letting off some steam, you can join your course friends in their halls. But if you need to knuckle down and focus, you can get settled in your childhood bedroom that's probably much quieter, and where you've studied for all your assignments up until this point. 

If you live in an area where there's great universities that are accessible and fit your needs, why wouldn't you stay local? Big decisions often come with lots of anxiety about what's right or wrong. But there's no right or wrong, there's only what's right for you and what isn't. For more support on your journey to university in 2022, read our blog on when to apply.