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Why choose a UK university?

Why choose a UK university?

by Peter Jackson

Higher education in the UK is held to an incredibly high standard. It’s for this reason that a degree from a UK university is highly sought after by employers across the globe. But how do you know if the UK is right for you?  

British higher education providers are recognised internationally for their creative teaching methods and stimulating learning environments. With experts on many academic topics, they consistently rank highly in international university rankings. So it should come as no surprise that the UK is the second most popular destination for overseas students in the world. 

But moving to a new country to study is a huge decision. And it's important that you get it right. 

In this blog, we’ve broken down our top five reasons to choose a UK university. 


The UK ranks highly for its standard of education 

Did you know that one in four world leaders studied in the UK?

That’s because the UK has been the preferred choice for some of the most important minds in history, and you could be the next student to follow in their footsteps. 

The UK’s 162 universities and higher education institutions are all held to strict standards by the government. This means that every institution is carefully moderated to ensure students are getting the best teaching, the best support, and access to the best facilities.

And Newcastle University is no exception to this. In 2022, we were one of three UK universities to be awarded QS 5 Stars across all categories - including our teaching, student employability, and facilities, respectively. Not to mention we’ve been in the top 20 'most targeted' universities in the UK by Times Top 100 Employers for the last eight years.

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The UK offers Graduate visas

On 1 July 2021, the new Graduate Route visa officially opened. This new development lets students stay in the UK for two years after they’ve graduated, giving graduates plenty of time to build a life - and a career- in the UK. With a Graduate visa you can:

Although you can’t extend your Graduate visa once the two years are up, you can switch to a different visa - such as a Skilled Worker visa. 



The UK has a low cost of living 

There is a common misconception that the UK is an expensive place to live for students. 

But this assumption is based on universities in London, where the cost of living for everyone is significantly higher. In fact, students in London can expect to pay double the rent costs compared to those who live further North. 

Northern regions of the UK tend to be much cheaper to live in, making degrees from Northern universities sound financial investments. In fact, according to QS Best Student Cities 2022, Newcastle is in the top ten most affordable cities in the UK. 


The UK has university campuses in a variety of locations

UK universities come in all shapes and sizes. From rural, satellite campuses to bustling city-centre locations, there’s a perfect space for you to thrive and grow in the UK - whatever your needs. 

Newcastle University campus is nestled at the heart of the city of Newcastle. You can expect contemporary ‘living laboratories’ next to Grade II listed buildings from the 1800s, and all within walking distance to lush, green parks, trendy independent cafes, and shopping centres. 

But studying in the centre of this historic UK city isn’t just convenient. 

Newcastle is a safe, diverse place that offers all the perks of city life, with the comforts of a town. Voted 4th in the UK for local life by Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2020, Newcastle also boasts friendly local people, a cheap and easy-to-understand transportation system, and for anyone who loves football, it’s even home to a UK Premier League team - Newcastle United. 


The UK is safe for international students

Among one of the safest countries in the world, the UK is a popular study destination for international students. Not least because UK universities go to great lengths to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their student community.

According to the International Standards, the UK is a safe country with a low level of violence and street crime. Additionally, the UK has one of the highest Covid-19 vaccination rates in the world.

Here at Newcastle University, a recent survey highlighted that over 90% of our students are now fully vaccinated.

We're also going to great lengths to ensure the safety of our students long-term. Should Covid-19 restrictions need to tighten again, our Outbreak Response Plan and the steps we’ve put in place will make sure our students still have a safe and fulfilling university experience. 

Could you have a future in the UK?  We understand that now, more than ever, prospective students feel uncertain about their university journey. We're encouraging all international students to keep checking our Covid-19 study page to find out how we're supporting students travelling to us.