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Where to Safely Social Distance in & Around Newcastle

Where to Safely Social Distance in & Around Newcastle

by Anna

Journalism, Media, and Culture student, Anna, shares some of her favourite spaces to relax and safely social distance in and around Newcastle...

So, let’s talk about the elephant in the room - Covid-19. As we all know, theres currently a pandemic and the UK is in lockdown. But as we begin to follow the government's roadmap to ending restrictions, more and more people will dare to step outside. While the safer option at the moment is still to stay at home, I wanted to suggest a few spaces where you can safely social distance in and around Newcastle now.

1. Town Moor


First on the list is the Town Moor. This spot is idyllic for picnics with your housemates. As this piece of common land is larger than New York’s Central Park, its easy to spread out while keeping your distance. Pack a snack, speakers, and a good book for a day of relaxing in the sun.


2. Leazes Park


Right next to Newcastle United's football stadium and the University, Leazes Park is perfect for a stroll. With large and open pathways, it’s easy to get around without bumping into anyone. Most people have only seen the start of this park. but as you walk on, you’ll find it actually goes much further than what the eye first reveals.

What makes this spot even more special is that you can support some local businesses as you walk. Pick up some delicious treats for take away at the Tower Cafe or Les Petit Choux. As you sip on your coffee and freshly prepared sandwich, stroll around the lake where you might even see a swan.


3. Whitley Bay


Nothing screams 'summer' like a day at the beach. Most people opt for Tynemouth because of its beautiful views and quaint shops. While I fully understand the appeal, I know that this location has become very crowded. If you’re looking for a beach with a little more space, Whitley Bay, just 30 minutes from Newcastle by Metro, is the place for you.

By spending just a couple minutes longer on the Metro, you’ll be able to find a beach that’s far less crowded. While maintaining social distance for preventing the spread of coronavirus is important, there’s also the additional bonus of finding more relaxing places. In other words, Whitley Bay will not only keep you safe, it’s also the perfect getaway.


4. Jesmond Dene


Jesmond Dene is best known for the waterfall located at the end of the trail. However, on this fairytale a walk, you may notice there isnt a lot of space on the path. While its not impossible to create distance from others, this can become unnecessarily stressful.

Instead, I recommend laying out a blanket by the bridge. When walking to the Dene, youll see a large bridge which overlooks the park. After making your way down to the cafes, youll see various spots with very few - if any - people. Grab a blanket and lie down for a restful afternoon under the whisper of the trees.


5. Exhibition Park


Just as this list started with a park, it’s ending with one, too! Exhibition Park lies right between the University and the outlying suburb of Jesmond. Walking through its grounds, you’ll find a skate park, tennis courts and, of course, lots of open space. This is the perfect spot for anyone who doesn’t want to leave the city too far behind.

If you’re tired of the classic picnic, try picking a project that can be done outdoors! From outlining your next business plan to painting a masterpiece, there are plenty of activities that can be done from a distance while relaxing on a summer’s day.

And there you have it! My top five places where you can comfortably social distance in and around Newcastle.

Remember, always wear a mask and take as many safety precautions as possible. That said, enjoy yourself! 


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