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Where I think my Arts, Business & Creativity Postgraduate degree will take me

Where I think my Arts, Business & Creativity Postgraduate degree will take me

by Alessia

Are you considering starting a postgraduate degree? Find out why Alessia decided to do her Master's degree and where she plans to use her qualification in the future...

There are a million reasons why I chose to study MA Arts, Business & Creativity here at Newcastle University; I learn from the most engaging professors, I get to interact with students from all over the world, and the module content is very well-suited for me. But my top reason for pursuing a Master's in ABC is because of where my degree will take me. So, here’s a list of just some of the career opportunities I’ll have available when I graduate.

1. Careers in Creative Industries

As my course places focus on the creative industries, the lecturers help refine the skill-sets that I'll need to be successful within this sector. I’ve learned how to look at situations from different perspectives, become a great communicator, leader, and negotiator, and understand my value as a creative. And these skills can be transferred to any creative industry, such as music, theatre, media, journalism, and more!

2. Consultancy

My perception of consultancy was pretty narrow before starting my programme. I thought consulting translated to advising companies to fire their entire staff to save money! As it turns out, I was completely wrong, and I’ve come to really enjoy this avenue of business. My course not only teaches the foundations of consultancy, but allows students to apply these skills to real clients and improve their businesses.

3. Marketing and Advertising Agencies

As our society continues to evolve, businesses have to adapt quickly and efficiently to keep up. The necessity to be flexible and pay attention to current trends is a subject of discussion throughout the course. These theoretical and practical lessons, combined with improving my creative abilities, allow me to understand successful marketing and advertising practices that would make me a successful marketing consultant, creative director, or project manager.

4. Charity and Organisational Work

Charity work requires a tonne of knowledge in different fields - creativity, finance, marketing, and more. Since I now possess creative and strategic business knowledge, and have learned how to utilise these skills successfully, I can confidently produce work that will influence positive change.

5. Policy Making

There are specific modules in my course that help me understand the significance of policies within the corporate and creative industries. As policy and legislation set the foundation for what can be achieved in a business, it is vital to have a working knowledge of how decisions are made. I have learned to identify and implement policy, which gives me an advantage in creating or monitoring legislation in any stream of business.

6. Entrepreneurship & Freelancing

Entrepreneurship is a core focus within my course, as certain modules are designed to teach students how to be successful through self-employment. Not only am I learning about entrepreneurship in lectures, I also get to apply that learning and build an enterprise. The course also provides the tools to make my ideas realistic and feasible.

As I mentioned, this list acts as more of a highlight reel of the fields I can enter post-graduation. My course has equipped me, and every ABC student, with a well-rounded, practically untouchable skill-set that is transferable to any career opportunity we choose to pursue.


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