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This is how we support our students' mental health

This is how we support our students' mental health

by Abby Danecki

University can feel daunting sometimes, and that's okay. Here are some of the resources and support available to look after your mental health at Newcastle University. 

Taking care of our students' mental health at university is priority number one. 

As a new student, you'll cross over into unchartered territory. All at once, your life will be filled with exciting social and academic challenges that will shape you into a well-rounded, confident graduate. 

But with new experiences comes a mix of emotions. And if those emotions ever overwhelm you, we're here.



  1. Mental health support at Newcastle University

  2. 24/7 support

  3. Postgraduate support

  4. Counselling at Newcastle University

  5. Wellbeing workshops

  6. Silvercloud CBT

  7. Listening support

  8. Be well@NCL

  9. SafeZone

Mental health support at Newcastle University

You'll be supported to reach your full potential by our central Student Wellbeing Service.  Offering a range of in-person and online support and resources, our teams can signpost you to further services if you need more help. 

You can also access support through our Students' Union Support and Advice Hub, or our school-based Student Wellbeing Advisers. We also run health and wellbeing events throughout the year, from awareness days to health fairs and drop-in sessions.

Our network of support makes it easy for you to get the help and guidance you need, in the way you need it, and when you need it. Read on to find out more about some of the services we offer,


24/7 support

You're never on your own during your Newcastle journey - there's support available every step of the way, including 24/7 mental health support.

TalkCampus: This free app allows you to talk about how you’re feeling with other students from across the world. Plus, TalkCampus has an emotional distress helpline if you need to speak to someone urgently. 

The operators are all trained peer supporters and the platform supports 26 languages. TalkCampus is available 24/7 globally. 

iNCLude app: Preventative care is a huge part of safeguarding your mental health at university - that's why we offer our free iNCLude app.

Designed to help you take small steps to improve and maintain your well-being, you'll explore a wide range of resources, information sheets and forums as you create positive habits and good coping skills.

Umii: We've partnered with Umii to support our students in establishing their friendship networks at any point during their academic journey. 

The app takes into account your interests, year of study, course, and social preferences and suggests like-minded students you can connect with - you can even set up the app and start connecting before you arrive.




Postgraduate support

We understand the different demands of postgraduate study, that's why we offer tailored support for our postgraduate taught and research students, including:

  • 24/7 advice line: offering free and confidential support from a trained professional
  • a dedicated Students' Union Postgraduate Officer and online information hub giving access to student life updates, academic and welfare support
  • a postgraduate peer support group promoting good mental health


Counselling at Newcastle University

Anyone can benefit from counselling, when you can press pause and talk about your feelings. issues and concerns in a safe space

We offer time-focused 1:1 counselling in person, over the phone or via Microsoft Teams call. Arranging an appointment is as simple as filling out an online form, and popping into our Student Services building.


Wellbeing workshops

Join one of our wellbeing workshops to improve, or just maintain, your wellbeing during the academic year. 

These easy-to-book online sessions range from understanding the tools and techniques to cope with stress and anxiety, to how self-compassion can improve our mental health.


Silvercloud CBT

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can help you identify and change thought patterns that have a negative influence on behaviour.

Completely free of charge, Silvercloud online CBT is available to all Newcastle University students. Silvercloud offers a range of wellness programmes you can sign up to, covering issues ranging from insomnia to stress and positive body image.

You can access Silvercloud using a laptop, phone or tablet and fit the sessions around your study schedule.


Listening support

From a one-off chat to regular conversations, our Listening Ear scheme means you'll always have someone to talk to confidentiality.

You'll meet a trained member of our Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care team, in person or remotely - whatever you're most comfortable with.

Our Students' Union also runs Nightline, a confidential and anonymous listening and information service run by students. Available any night during term time, you can talk about whatever is on your mind.




Be well@NCL

To help you understand and manage your mental health we've compiled a collection of tried and tested self-help books - Be well@NCL

Available in our Philip Robinson Library, Walton Library and Law Library, with some titles in eBook format, they offer more healthy ways of thinking as well as exploring common feelings, experiences and issues.



SafeZone is a free app for all students and staff that connects you directly to our University Security Team whenever you’re in need of urgent help while on campus.