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What Will Campus Look like in 2020?

Much has changed so far this year, so you’ll be wondering what our campus might look like from September 2020. Our teams from across the University have been working hard, putting extra measures in place, to ensure our community is kept safe and our campus is ready to welcome us back this September.

4 min read

Where to Safely Social Distance in & Around Newcastle

Journalism, Media, and Culture student, Anna, shares some of her favourite spaces to relax and safely social distance in and around Newcastle... So, let’s talk about the elephant in the room - Covid-19. As we all know, there’s currently a pandemic and the UK is in lockdown. But as we begin to...

2 min read

5 Things I Took for Granted Before the Covid-19 Outbreak

As a final year student, Ari was was devastated to spend most of her last semester away from University. Here she shares 5 things she took for granted before the COVID-19 outbreak... As a final year student, I was devastated to spend most of my last semester of university… not actually physically...

2 min read

Newcastle University | We Stand With You

Here at Newcastle University, we value individual differences and the diversity that this brings. We want to ensure that our campus is an environment for all to be treated with dignity and respect and that no-one is at a disadvantage because of who they are. Through dedicated working groups, events...

8 min read

We Stand With You

On #blackouttuesday and always, we continue to show support for our black community at Newcastle University and beyond. We do not tolerate racism of any kind at our University and across our campus, we work hard to promote an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone in our community. In...

4 min read

iNCLude | Mental Health Awareness Week

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and this year’s theme is kindness. All week we’re encouraging you to be kind to yourself and to others by building healthy, positive habits so we can all give our wellbeing a much-needed boost. Download our iNCLude app for iPhone or Android now and play along with...

2 min read

Ramadan in Lockdown | Ari

Media, Communication and Cultural Studies student Ari shares insight into spending this year’s Ramadan in Newcastle during lockdown. You can also r ead Waqar’s blog about spending this year’s Ramadan at home during lockdown.

1 min read

Ramadan in Lockdown | Waqar

Second year Marketing student Waqar shares his insight into spending this year’s Ramadan at home during lockdown. You can also read Ari’s blog about spending this year’s Ramadan in Newcastle during lockdown.

3 min read

Stronger Together: Newcastle University Community Combats Covid-19

We're so proud of the many ways our student and staff community continues to come together, step up and show support throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

2 min read

How Home Exams are different to Regular Exams

With exam season around the corner, this year is undeniably unlike any other. Revision sessions in the library are no more and bedrooms are both the new workspace and exam hall. But how exactly is this new way of examination different and what can you expect? Here’s 5 things to help you understand,...

4 min read

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