What is the difference between a BSc and BA Hons?

There’s lots to think about when choosing an undergraduate degree and lots of new names and terminology to understand. Most degrees will have BA or BSc attached to their titles – but what do BA and BSc mean? And what is the difference between them? Find out in our latest blog… Quickly find answers...

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Meet our in-house Careers Team

Did you know that here at Newcastle we have a huge student-facing department entirely dedicated to helping you prepare for the job market and achieve your dreams? We met with some of the team and asked them for their Careers Service highlights. Our Careers Service Information Officers, Careers...

3 min read

Top 10 tips for self-care at school this year

Back to school and feeling a little overwhelmed by strange timetabling and safety precautions in the classroom? Covid-19 has had a huge impact on how we go about our daily lives in the UK, so it’s understandable if you’re feeling anxious about how your future, and your studies, have been affected.

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How to Apply to University After a Gap Year 2023

Whether you want some breathing room after your A Levels or a chance to see the world,  there are many reasons to take a year out before studying a degree. Find out what you need to do when you're ready to apply below. Taking a different route to most students can leave you feeling a little out at...

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What is Online Learning?

Everybody seems to be talking about online learning, but what does it actually mean? And are there any good things about studying online? Find out in our latest blog post. 

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Why Choose Newcastle University 2023

There's a lot to think about when it comes to choosing a university, from finding the right course to choosing a city where you will feel at home. 

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How Long Does Clearing Take?

The wait until Results Day is long enough, without having to wait even longer to know if you’ve secured a place through Clearing.  First things first, remember to stay calm. Not getting the results you need to secure your firm or insurance choice can feel scary, especially since things suddenly...

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What We Do to Help New Students Settle in

Going to university can be nerve-wracking, it might be the first time you've lived independently, cooked your own meals, or travelled far from home. We know our students sometimes have a lot to learn when they join us, but we're here to help you find your place with us and thrive.

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This is why International Students Should Choose Newcastle

Are you thinking of studying in the UK? Do you want to know why we're one of the most popular higher education destinations? According to the UK's Higher Education Statistics Agency, in 2020-2021 over 600,000 EU and international students were studying here, so you won't be alone! But we know there...

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