Is it Better to get a Job or do a Master's?

As your undergraduate education comes to a close, don’t be surprised if emotions - and stress levels - are running high. Many students find themselves at a crossroads, confronted with the question: should I continue studying or take the leap into my professional career? The pressures of choosing...

2 min read

Should I do a Master’s Degree?

Not sure if studying a Master’s degree is right for you? Wondering if you’re ready to commit to further study and worried how you might finance it? Read on to find out about the different Masters’ courses that are available and how they can pave the way to new opportunities. What is a Master’s...

3 min read

How to prepare for a Masters after a break from university

Are you thinking about returning to university as a Masters student after a break? Discover our top tips for how to prepare for higher education… Returning to university after some time in employment, volunteering, or travelling is both a big decision and an exciting new beginning. You might...

3 min read

Why I chose to do a PhD midway through my career

If you have been working in a career for several years, studying at university for a postgraduate degree may not seem like the most attractive option - if not downright daunting.  But if you’re aiming for a PhD in a topic that you love, which is what I decided to do, then it may be an opportunity...

3 min read

How Home Exams are different to Regular Exams

With exam season around the corner, this year is undeniably unlike any other. Revision sessions in the library are no more and bedrooms are both the new workspace and exam hall. But how exactly is this new way of examination different and what can you expect? Here’s 5 things to help you understand,...

4 min read

Postgraduate Diary | A day in the life of a International Multimedia Journalism student

Curious to find out what a typical day is like for a MA International Media Journalism student? Find out why Courtney chose to study her course, and what she thinks of postgraduate life... Because Courtney's blog was written before the global pandemic, some aspects of the experiences she describes...

2 min read

Where I think my Arts, Business & Creativity Postgraduate degree will take me

Are you considering starting a postgraduate degree? Find out why Alessia decided to do her Master's degree and where she plans to use her qualification in the future... There are a million reasons why I chose to study MA Arts, Business & Creativity here at Newcastle University; I learn from the...

2 min read

How to manage the transition from Undergraduate to Postgraduate

Are you considering starting a postgraduate degree? Find out why Antonio decided to do his Master's, and how different it feels to his undergraduate degree... While I was doing my Bachelor's degree, I lived and studied in Paris and Mexico City.

2 min read

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