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How to Get to Know Your Flatmates

How to Get to Know Your Flatmates

by Newcastle University

Living with flatmates is a new experience for most at university. But those you live with, may just become some of the most important people in your university journey! Here's Combined Honours student, Caitilin's, 5 top-tips on how you can get to know them.

1. Eat Together


Whether it’s a ready meal, end of term Christmas dinner or chips after a night out, it’s always nicer to eat with friends rather than alone. Sharing meals also saves money, and saved me from having to eat the same few meals I can actually cook every week.

2. Stay In

Chilling 2

Sometimes it’s nice to stay in and relax. After a long day of lectures or a big essay hand-in, I love getting together with my flatmates for takeout and a film. My top tip: head to the supermarket around 8pm for discounted bakery products.

3. Trips Away


I love having flatmates because it’s so easy to get together and make plans. Nipping downstairs to get more tea before getting straight back to your essay can easily turn into grabbing dinner and heading to the pub, no planning required.

4. Work Together

Revision 1

This isn’t the most fun part of having roommates but I think it deserves a mention. I probably wouldn’t have made it through exams without late night revision sessions with my roommates, them quizzing me on key dates in Japanese history and getting out of the house together when revision just got too much.

5. Help Each Other


Lastly, I have relied on my flatmates to take care of me at university and I’ve tried to do the same for them. Sometimes, you need someone to tell you to get it together and call you out on bad decisions. Other times, it’s someone getting you tissues and medicine when you’re sick or bringing snacks to get you through an all-nighter. Your roommates will become your ‘university parents’ who you can count on when you need help or advice.

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