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How to get the most out of a postgraduate Open Day

How to get the most out of a postgraduate Open Day

by Anna Brown

Open Days are a rare opportunity to get a real feel for university life, to speak to staff and students and map out your next chapter. But how can you make sure no stone goes unturned, and you get the most out of your day?

In our latest blog, we've broken down our top tips for getting the most out of an open day.


Ask yourself, what do you need to get out of the event? 

Be clear on what you need to find out at an Open Day. If you just want to get a sense of the university, you may be happy to browse the booths on offer, but it’s still important to check out all the basics, such as: 

  • facilities 
  • accommodation 
  • campus tours 
  • student support 
  • city tours and information about the local area (this is particularly important if you don’t know the area or are an international student)  

If your questions are more specific, for example, you may need advice on postgraduate funding, want to explore careers support, or talk to experts in the field you’re hoping to specialise in, then it makes sense to concentrate on these priorities first.

A list of questions you’ve prepared beforehand will keep you on track. 

Remember, this is your opportunity to explore whether the university meets your needs – from how your degree will be structured, to how you’ll be supported to achieve your goals, both while you’re studying and as you take the first steps in your career. 


Look out for in-degree opportunities 

As you specialise through postgraduate study, opportunities to develop professionally are crucial.  

These could range from the chance to present your work at conferences, to accessing advanced skills training to achieve your career goals, or specialist support to realise your entrepreneurial ambitions. 

During an Open Day, make sure you also explore how a university can prepare you for life after postgraduate study. 

Be prepared 

It's a cliche for a reason.

Make sure you're prepared for the Open Day by downloading any relevant campus maps and Open Day guides and having them to hand - on your phone or physically - throughout the day. If you have any special requirements or disabilities, do reach out to the university so they can make the appropriate accommodations. 

Don't forget to bring a family member or friend with you on the day, a second opinion can be so helpful when making a big decision like choosing a university.

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