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Newcastle University student societies | Have fun and make friends

Newcastle University student societies | Have fun and make friends

by Sam Houlison

Trying to imagine life at university? Join us as we take you on a tour of some of our student societies.

There’s more to student life than studying. Our Students’ Union is home to over 180 student societies that welcome new members every day.



  1. Introduction to Newcastle University student societies

  2. 20 Minute Society

  3. Investment Society

  4. Llama, Alpaca and Goat Society 

  5. Table Top Society

  6. A Cappella Society

  7. Creative Writing Society

  8. Give-it-a-Go Programme


Introduction to Newcastle University student societies

We’ve picked some of the more unusual groups to highlight below, but there are also lots of societies associated with more conventional hobbies, such as our baking and book groups, the Blank Canvas craft society and Irish dancers.

For music lovers, there's our jazz orchestra, student orchestra and DJ Society, to name just a few options. There are also lots of societies associated with our degrees. giving you the chance to mix socially with peers from your degree subject, as well as similar programmes.

And because our student community is vibrant and multicultural, you'll be able to celebrate your heritage and share your culture through a host of international societies, including Afro-Caribbean, Anglo-Chinese, Greek and Cypriot, Polish, Turkish and many more. 

But if you're interested in something that's just a little different, read on...


20 Minute Society

Ready, set, GO.

The 20 Minute Society organises free activities for members, ranging from axe throwing to escape room challenges – and you only have 20 minutes to get to the secret location in order to take part.

The society even hosts mystery weekend trips away and holidays abroad – in the past, 20-Minuters have been to Budapest, Krakow, and Italy. There are also summer and winter balls in mystery locations to look forward to.


Investment Society

Interested in investment or finance? Whether you invest in your spare time or just want to know more about finance, this is the society for you.

Events during the year include investing workshops, CV and networking sessions, as well as guest speakers from leading financial institutions such as Barclays and Etoro.

And if you're interested in a career in finance or banking, being a member of the Investment Society will also look good on your CV.


Llama, Alpaca and Goat Society 

Can't quite believe there's a society dedicated to llamas, alpacas and goats? Well, there is! And what better way to de-stress after a day in lectures or some intense revision holed up in the library than to walk a llama, feed some alpacas or do goat yoga?

Become a society member and you can look forward to a whole year of goat-themed nights out and lots of fun, LAG-related opportunities.


LAG society


Table Top Society

This one is for the gamers! Our Table Top Society hosts weekly meet-ups for board games, table top role-playing games, and trading card games. So, get ready to voyage to worlds as yet undiscovered...

Genshin, Pokemon or Anime more your thing? We have societies for those too, as well as the more traditional Board Games Society.


A Cappella Society

Our A Cappella Society welcomes everyone who wants to sing – whether you’ve been in a choir before or just want to give it a go.

Made up of a main, unauditioned group and three competition groups, in the past our a capella singers have performed at the UK's university show choir and glee club competition, The Masters of Show Choir in London’s West End, and Sky TV singing contest Sing: Ultimate A Cappella’.


Creative Writing Society

Whether you’re a poet or a novelist, flash-fiction writer or playwright, our Creative Writing Society welcomes writers of all genres.

Join the weekly writing workshops and practical activities, and take part in fun social events throughout the year.


Give-it-a-Go Programme

Is there anything you’ve always said you’d like to try at least once?

Not strictly a society, Give it a Go is a programme run by the Students’ Union that gives students the chance to try something new without any experience or commitment needed. From calming crafts to social sports, tours and trips, there’s always plenty going on.



What will you try when you get here? Explore our full list of societies to get a taste of student life.


You can join as many societies as you like, or if you have a special interest or talent we can help you set up your own.