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Can I Change my Clearing Choice?

Can I Change my Clearing Choice?

by Newcastle University

Worried about what to do if you change your mind about your Clearing choice? Read on to find out the simple steps you need to take to change your Clearing choice, as well as some top tips on how to navigate Clearing calmly and find your dream degree.

This blog relates to the Clearing process on Results Day for students who have not met the conditions of their university offers.

If you’re eligible for Clearing, on Results Day your UCAS application will read ‘You are in Clearing’ and you will get a unique Clearing ID number. You’ll need this number, together with your UCAS ID number, when you contact universities via their Clearing hotlines to discuss available courses.

How many Clearing choices can I add?

During Clearing you can contact as many universities as you like – and you may receive offers over the phone from several – but you can only add one Clearing choice at a time to your application.

If you receive a verbal offer from a university, this will be followed by an email confirmation detailing both your next steps and the time you have available to enter your choice into your application before the offer expires.

Adding this offer as your Clearing choice counts as you accepting the offer, and once the university formally confirms your place, you’ll see your application update.


Can I change my Clearing choice?

So far, so good – you’ve accepted an offer and your place has been confirmed. But what happens if you now have second thoughts, and want to change your Clearing choice?

First, don’t panic; there may be very good reasons why you can have a change of heart about your Clearing choice. You can change your Clearing choice, so don’t worry if this happens to you. 

If you want to change your Clearing choice, contact the university whose offer you’ve accepted, explain the situation and ask them to cancel your place. 

Then, once you’re released back in to Clearing, start the whole process again and add your new Clearing choice to your account. You may have to wait for your application to update before you can do this, but be patient.

Trying to secure your dream place at university through Clearing can feel stressful, but there are things you can do to avoid any hasty last minutes changes to your Clearing choice.


How do I prepare for Clearing 2022?

If you’re worried you might need to go through Clearing, a little forward planning before Results Day will go a long way.

  • Research alternative universities and degrees that might have different entry requirements. List the ones you’re interested in, putting them in order of priority, so you can contact your preferred university straight away if they have vacancies on the course you want to apply for
  • When drawing up your list, factor in things like university reputation, location, accommodation offer, and student life on campus – this will give you a more rounded view of what your university experience could be like, and help you feel confident about your choice
  • List any questions you might have and even practise a Clearing phone call, so you know what you want to say and the information you need in order to make an informed decision


What do I do during Clearing 2022? 

Confirm there are vacancies on the course you want to apply for using the Clearing website of the university you’re interested in; UCAS also operates a search tool to find course vacancies. 

Then, make the call to see if the university will accept you. If they do make you an offer, don’t feel you have to rush to accept it – unless, of course, it’s the perfect degree for you! 

Make a note of the offer deadline in your email confirmation, so you know how long you have to think about your options, and if you’re still unsure, contact other universities on your list.

Before you add your Clearing choice, make sure you’re choosing a degree you’re passionate about and a university you want to study at – and make the right choice, the first time around.

We hope you’ve found this blog informative. You can also read our blog How to stay calm during Clearing.