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What are the Benefits to Studying Online?

What are the Benefits to Studying Online?

by Newcastle University

Once again, we’ve swapped classrooms and lecture halls for desks in bedrooms and kitchen tables – it's back to online studying from home.

But while we all miss meeting up with friends and family as the Covid-19 pandemic continues, there are some major benefits to online study, plus some golden opportunities to learn valuable new skills

Study in the comfort of your own home

With a designated home study space you can create a comfortable study environment tailormade to help you focus and learn. There’s no overcrowded classrooms or noisy study halls – now you have your own space to think. You also won’t have to venture out into the rain and cold when you’re studying online at home, and if it’s warm, sunny, and you’re lucky enough to have a garden, there’s nothing better than studying outdoors.


Learn at your pace

With online classes and educational resources available at the touch of a button, you can pace your learning. The ability to replay sessions and lectures means you won’t miss a thing; hit the pause button and you’ll have all the time you need to think through problems and prepare your answers without feeling under pressure.


Stay flexible

As well as studying online at your own pace, you can also study when it suits you, and when you’re more focused and ready to learn. A good tip is to create your own timetable to make sure you stay on track with your workload and build in regular breaks to make the whole process more enjoyable and less of a chore.


Get interactive

Digital resources have an exciting level of interactivity that can make learning fun – and we all remember things better when we enjoy what we’re studying! The range of free and reliable online study resources you can tap into is mind boggling and your search engine really is your key to unlocking all the resources you need.


Master digital skills

This is the time to boost your digital skill set and master new communication tools that will be valuable in the workplace. Use video conferencing software for face-to-face contact with your tutors and classmates, and file hosting services to share documents easily and in one place. When email just isn’t enough, messaging and project management platforms will help you keep in touch in real time and allow you to work collaboratively on group projects. Most software is intuitive and very easy to adapt to, so much so, you might never look back!


Develop personal skills

Studying online, whether on your own or with others in a virtual environment, will help you develop a range of personal skills. You’ll become more focused on how and when you need to work – boosting your time management skills – and, because it’s always easy to be distracted when studying from home, you’ll become more self-disciplined about your studies. If you’re working in a group via a digital platform you might be surprised how much stronger your communication and leadership skills become as you grow in confidence.


For more top tips on studying online, including advice on creating a dedicated home study space read our guide on how to study at home – and not get distracted.

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