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What Sustainability-led Research is Happening at Newcastle University

Discover our blog from recent graduate, Nic Tan, about the sustainability-led research that's happening at Newcastle University. Read on to find out more.  I'm Nic and I've recently graduated in Electrical and Electronic Engineering here at Newcastle University.

3 min read

What is Newcastle University doing to help fight climate change?

Ranked 3rd in the UK for United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, our University is committed to reducing its environmental impact.  Learn what Newcastle University is doing to help combat the climate crisis. Engineering student Nic is here to tell us more.

4 min read

Student Diary | A day in the life of a Electrical & Electronic Engineering student

Curious to find out what a typical day would be for an engineering student? Find out why Nic chose to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and what he thinks of the reality of student life...  

2 min read