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Watch: Maisie Williams on Making Your Dreams a Reality

Watch: Maisie Williams on Making Your Dreams a Reality

by Newcastle University

We asked Maisie Williams for her words of wisdom on following your dreams and having the confidence to make a difference. Find out what happened when she visited our campus…

What’s your key piece of advice for young people who want to follow their dreams?

My key piece of advice for people to who want to follow their dreams is to follow them!

I mean, that sounds really simple, but I think a lot of people get swayed and feel like they need to have a back-up plan and have other options. But you put all this energy into having other options, and you’re never going to feel fulfilled with what you actually want to do.

So just scrap that, and get on with it!

What’s your advice for people who don’t feel like they can make a difference?

Most of my time through this experience I felt like I haven’t really known what’s going on, and I've just been really keen to learn, and just really keen to be open to the advice that people have. That’s so important.

I guess that works for people who don’t really feel like they know what’s going on AND for people that feel like they do know everything. It’s just so important to keep learning and always be pushing to be better. That’s my advice.

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