Newcastle University Top News Stories 2019

Newcastle University Top News Stories 2019

by Newcastle University

What a year it’s been! Here’s a roundup of how our experts have been helping to make the world a better place in 2019…

Reading With Pre-School Children Boosts Language     


A study from our School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences has shown that parents and carers who regularly read with small children are giving them a language advantage of eight months.

Virtual Reality Treats Autism Phobia­­s


Our researchers have developed The Blue Room, an immersive technology to help children with autism overcome their fears and phobias.

Free Sanitary Items on Campus


This year it was announced that we will be the first university in England to provide free sanitary care for students.

Approving the motion put forward by Newcastle University Students' Union, we've placed eight dispensing machines across campus offering free sanitary products for those in need.

Deep Sea Scientist Breaks British Depth Record


Deep sea diving expert Dr Alan Jamieson, from our School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, has set the record for deepest dive by a British citizen, discovering a new species along the way!

Plunging over 7,100 meters down into the Indian Ocean, as part of the Five Deeps Expedition, the team found a new species of snailfish and a gelatinous animal thought to be a Stalked Sea Squirt that has never been seen before.

Newcastle University Declares a Climate Emergency


This year we signalled our commitment to climate change action by joining organisations around the world in declaring a climate emergency.

As part of this declaration we've committed ourselves to substantial progress in de-carbonisation with the aim of achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2040.

Miniature Transponders to Be Used in the War Against Ocean Plastic


Lost nets and ghost fishing are causing havoc in our seas and oceans, but a team from our Intelligent Sensing and Communications Group have developed some tiny tech to help solve the problem and save marine life around the world.

Secrets of the ‘Blue Supergiant’ Revealed


Scientists led by our own Dr Rogers have used the latest data from NASA to look deep inside blue supergiants, the metal factories of the universe.

By modelling the interior of stars, the team predicted that gravity waves, like those we see in the ocean, could break at the surface of stars.

World First Research Hub to Create Living Buildings

Living Building

Working with experts from Northumbria University, the new ‘Living Buildings’ will process their own waste, reduce pollution, generate energy and support a biological environment that benefits health.

Rare Prehistoric Jewellery Unearthed During Excavations

Jet Necklace

A 4000 year old jet necklace has been found on an archaeological dig co-led by Newcastle University, and involving our students, potentially shedding new light on links between different parts of Bronze Age Britain.

10 Years of NUMed Malaysia Celebrations


Themed celebrations (complete with lion dance!) took place at our Newcastle campus to celebrate a happy 10 years of Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia.

Cause of Antibiotic Resistance Identified

Antibiotics 2

Our scientists confirmed for the very first time that bacteria can change form to avoid being detected by antibiotics in the human body.

The finding came not long after our experts found Antibiotic-Resistant Genes hidden in one of the most remote places on earth, the Arctic, earlier this year. Reinforcing how rapid and far-reaching the spread of antibiotic resistance has become.

Bessie Gives Students Time to Paws for Thought


As the newest member of our Student and Staff Wellbeing team, Bessie the Jack Russell makes herself available for walks, cuddles or just to listen.

New Ovarian Cancer Drug Now Available on the NHS


Rubraca®, developed by a team of biologists, chemists and clinicians at Newcastle University, has been approved for use on the NHS for ovarian cancer patients. Around 1,350 people in England could benefit from this new drug.   

The treatment is a class of drug called a PARP inhibitor which exploits a defect in the cancer cell’s ability to repair normal wear and tear to its DNA. This allows it to kill the tumour cells without unduly harming healthy cells.

Living Wage Accreditation Announced at Newcastle University

Living Wage

Recognising those who are key to making our University a safe, clean & welcoming place.

University Building Named After Social Reformer Officially Opens


Our brand new Learning and Teaching Centre, named in honour of the world-renowned anti-slavery campaigner Frederick Douglass, is officially open!

The building stands on the new Helix site next to the Summerhill area of Newcastle where the abolitionist stayed in 1846. We were honoured to welcome Douglass’ great-great-great grandson, Kenneth B. Morris JR, to our opening ceremony.

Renowned Poet Imtiaz Dharker Named New Chancellor


We are honoured and delighted to welcome world-renowned poet, artist & film-maker Imtiaz Dharker as our new Chancellor.