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The Top 10 Packing Essentials as Voted by Current Students

As part of a recent poll, we asked current Newcastle University students what they wished someone had told them to pack when they were a Fresher, and their answers may surprise you... Packing too many things or forgetting the most important ones are up there as two of the most common Freshers...

3 min read

What is Online Learning?

Everybody seems to be talking about online learning, but what does it actually mean? And are there any good things about studying online? Find out in our latest blog post. 

5 min read

This is why International Students Should Choose Newcastle

Are you thinking of studying in the UK in 2021? Do you want to know why we're one of the most popular higher education destinations? According to the UK's Higher Education Statistics Agency, over 500,000 EU and international students are currently studying here, so you won't be alone! But we know...

3 min read

Your 2021 Student Experience Guide & Downloadable Infographic

Going to university comes with such a mix of emotions: from the sadness of parting with your hometown, to the excitement of starting a new chapter. However, it may come with a new layer of worry this year, as you start your university journey during the Covid-19 pandemic.  To help reassure you in...

4 min read

How Home Exams are different to Regular Exams

With exam season around the corner, this year is undeniably unlike any other. Revision sessions in the library are no more and bedrooms are both the new workspace and exam hall. But how exactly is this new way of examination different and what can you expect? Here’s 5 things to help you understand,...

4 min read

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