How is University Different to School or College?

Sixth form and university differ in many ways – including teaching, learning methods, daily routines, and adapting to a new city. We asked one of our current students, Ramita, how life at university had surprised her after school. I moved all the way from Milton Keynes to Newcastle just under six...

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What Sustainability-led Research is Happening at Newcastle University

It's World Engineering Day and Nic is here to share what sustainability-led research is happening at Newcastle University.

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What life skills do you develop at university? | A Guide for Parents

Studying a degree is a big investment, but it doesn't just culminate in a qualification for your son or daughter. With all the hard work comes a myriad of transferable skills that will see them go on to excel in the professional world.

2 min read

My Biology Field Trip | Scaling New Heights to the Soutpansberg Mountains

Fieldtrips are a fantastic opportunity to put your skills and knowledge into practice. Our Biology and Zoology students recently travelled to South Africa to experience a new climate, culture, and ecosystem.

7 min read

How to Apply for Student Finance

Getting everything in order before you start university can feel a little overwhelming at times. Particularly, applying for student finance. Many future students find applying for their student loans intimidating, so below, we’ve put together our complete guide to the entire process - including the...

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Surviving Open Days | Top Tips for Parents

A university Open Day is a chance for soon-to-be-students and their parents to explore what it's like to  study at university and the campus experience. Families get the chance to find out about courses, accommodation, student support, and careers' services. There’s a lot on offer at an Open Day -...

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What is Newcastle University doing to help fight climate change?

Ranked 3rd in the UK for United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, our University is committed to reducing its environmental impact.  Learn what Newcastle University is doing to help combat the climate crisis. Engineering student Nic is here to tell us more.

4 min read

Student Diary | A day in the life of a Marine Technology student

Curious to find out what a typical day is like for a Marine Technology student? Find out why Zoe chose to study her course, and what she thinks of the reality of student life... Hi! My name is Zoe and I'm a second year student at Newcastle studying MEng Marine Technology with Naval Architecture.

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Student Diary | A day in the life of a Geospatial Engineering student

Curious to find out what a typical day would be for an engineering student? Find out why Sheoma chose to study Geospatial Engineering, and what she thinks of the reality of student life... Hi everyone!

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