Surviving Open Days | Top tips for parents

A university Open Day is a chance for soon-to-be-students and their parents to find out what it's like to study at university, explore the campus experience, accommodation, student support and more. There’s a lot on offer at an Open Day - whether it's an on-campus or virtual event - so, we've...

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How universities look after students | A guide for parents

It’s a difficult thing to wave goodbye to your child as they head off to university and their next big adventure. This might be the first time they’ve had to live independently, cook their own meals, or travel to and from a city far from home. How can you be sure they’ll be happy, healthy, and...

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What is student accommodation really like? | A guide for parents

Student accommodation will be your child's home away from home; a place where they meet their first university friends, learn to do their own laundry, and experiment with cooking some of their own 'signature' dishes. University accommodation should be a safe, welcoming community where students can...

3 min read

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