5 benefits for students living at home during university

Moving out to go to university is a big deal, but it's not for everyone. Each year, many students opt to live at home during their studies and still get to enjoy all the fun and excitement of university life without having to compromise on home comforts. As you weigh up your options, we've explored...

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Unibuddy | Find out what university is really like

Choosing the right university – whether you’re hoping to do an undergraduate degree or want to go on to postgraduate study – can be tough. Deciding where to go and what to study can take months of research and careful thought and, with so much information available, you can end up feeling a little...

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How easy is it to get to Newcastle?

Worried about the distance and cost involved in going to university? Perhaps you just want peace of mind that travelling home to see family and friends will be quick and convenient? There are lots of reasons for choosing a university that's easy to get to and has lots of transport links. Find out...

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What is student accommodation like?

If you’re thinking about going to university, are you wondering what it will be like to live away from home? This blog will give you an insight into what it could be like to live with us, and how we support our students. Read on to find out more about our accommodation – where you could be living...

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How to apply for university accommodation

Moving in to a university residence and living on your own, probably for the first time in your life, is a huge part of the student experience. Finding the right accommodation is key to helping you build the confidence and life skills that will make living in halls a time of amazing memories and...

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Top 10 items for a first-year university packing list

We asked some of our students what they wished someone had told them to pack when they were a Fresher, and their answers may surprise you... Packing too many things or forgetting the most important ones are up there as two of the most common Freshers' mistakes. So, who better to give you university...

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What Newcastle University does to help new students settle in

Going to university can be nerve-wracking; it might be the first time you've lived independently, cooked your own meals, or travelled far from home. We know our students sometimes have a lot to learn when they join us, but we're here to help you find your place with us and thrive. Wondering what...

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Teetotal in the 'Toon' | Alcohol-free activities for students

After-hours activities at university undoubtedly play an important role, but everyone has a different idea of the 'perfect night out'. In Newcastle, some students enjoy the world-famous Geordie nightlife, but that's not all the city has to offer. Journalism, Media and Culture student, Jenny, shares...

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5 ways to get to know your flatmates

Living with flatmates is a new experience for most at university. But those you live with may just become some of the most important people in your university journey! Here are Combined Honours student Caitlin's top 5 ways to get to know your flatmates:

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