Clearing 2022 explained

UCAS Clearing opens on Tuesday 5 July 2022. But what actually is Clearing? And why should you apply through it? Read on to find out all this and more. The Clearing route to university is getting more and more popular each year. Though it can come with a degree of uncertainty, there are lots of ways...

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What to Say During Clearing

Look. We get it. Clearing is a source of stress for many prospective students. But don’t see it as a ‘going out of business' sale. Clearing is just a second opportunity to find your perfect university, when your original plans don’t work out or if you have a change of heart.  When we apply to...

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Why Choose Newcastle University 2022

There's a lot to navigate when it comes to Results Day, especially if you're confronted with a sudden change of plans and find yourself in Clearing.

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How Long Does Clearing Take?

The wait until Results Day is long enough, without having to wait even longer to know if you’ve secured a place through Clearing.  First things first, remember to stay calm. Not getting the results you need to secure your firm or insurance choice can feel scary, especially since things suddenly...

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What We Do to Help New Students Settle in

Going to university can be nerve-wracking, and if you also think you could be applying through Clearing, you might be feeling even more unsettled.  We know our students sometimes have a lot to learn when they join us - it might be the first time they've lived independently, cooked their own meals,...

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Can I Change my Clearing Choice?

Worried about what to do if you change your mind about your Clearing choice? Read on to find out the simple steps you need to take to change your Clearing choice, as well as some top tips on how to navigate Clearing calmly and find your dream degree. This blog relates to the Clearing process on...

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What to do on Results Day

Is the thought of Results Day keeping you up at night? We know you might be feeling anxious about getting your  results, so this step-by-step guide looks at what you need to do  - whatever the outcome of your exams - so that Results Day becomes a day of new opportunities. In Scotland, SQA results...

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How to Reassure Your Child During Clearing | Parent's Guide

Tens of thousands of students successfully apply to universities every year through Clearing, but how does it work and how can you support your child through this process? Clearing matches applicants to available university places. Your child will be eligible to use Clearing if: they don’t meet the...

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How to Stay Calm During Clearing

At this point in your education, it’s likely there are few days that fill you with as much excitement, dread and anxiety as Results Day. However, few prospective students take a moment to step back and consider how they can make sure their Results Day, and specifically applying through Clearing, is...

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