What's the difference between school and university?

Sixth form and university differ in many ways – including teaching, learning methods, daily routines, and adapting to a new city. We asked Newcastle University student Ramita about the difference between university and school or college, and how life at university had surprised her after school.

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How to apply for student finance

Getting everything in order before you start university can feel a little overwhelming at times, particularly when it comes to applying for student finance. If you're a UK student and are finding applying for your student loan intimidating, read our complete guide on how to apply for student...

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6 reasons to attend an Offer Holder Day

Once you’ve applied to a university and received an offer, chances are you'll be invited to an Offer Holder Experience Day on campus.

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Discover your revision personality type

Are you a wordsmith, a socialite, or a crammer? Discover your revision personality type and what it says about you. We all know that revision is essential for exam prep, but how do you actually do it? What revision methods do you use? Even though you and your friends might be revising the exact...

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What uni course should I do? | Choosing a course that’s right for you

Figuring out what to study at university is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. Follow our simple 5-step guide to choosing a university course and before long you’ll have found your passion and started on the road to your future career. Thought choosing your A Level (or equivalent)...

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5 things to do this summer to prep for Year 13

Discover our top 5 things to do to make the most of this summer and be in the best place to prep for Year 13 when September begins.

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How to revise | Study tips that really work

Make the most of revision time and ace those exams with our step-by-step guide on how to improve concentration, revise effectively, and create a revision timetable that works.

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How to choose a university

Trying to narrow down your higher education longlist? Read on for 5 ways to REALLY get to know your university choices… Choosing a university is the biggest decision of your life so far. At this point, you may have chosen a subject to study, but you still haven’t worked out which universities to...

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This is what happens when you apply to university

How do you apply to university, and what exactly happens along the way? From writing your personal statement to when to start packing your suitcase, discover the ins and outs of the university application process with our handy 10-step guide to university.

4 min read

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