Why Scottish students should study in England

You don’t need to hop on a plane to study in another country…just cross the border into England. If you’re a Scottish student thinking about studying in England, then keep reading, because we’ve taken a look at some of the differences between Scottish and English universities – and the results may...

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Why it’s not too late to apply for a Postgraduate Masters course – A practical guide to applying

Not every student's journey to university is the same. As we write this blog in June, it’s still not too late to apply for a postgraduate course. So, if you’ve been thinking about it - but thought the opportunity had passed you by - keep reading! Did you know that some universities will accept...

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A Parent's Guide to Results Day 2022

Results Day – the culmination of months of hard work, when your child receives their exam results and life changes with the opening of an email. The key to surviving Results Day is understanding what happens and how the university admissions process works, particularly as this year it will be set...

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How will my child’s exam results be awarded in 2022?

After nearly two years of disruption, UK students are back to sitting formal exams. But are you still worried about how Covid-19 could affect your child’s results, and wondering how exams will be graded to fairly reflect the impact the pandemic has had on their education?

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Finding postgraduate funding - top tips on searching and applying

Thinking of studying at postgraduate level this year? In our latest blog, we help you source the latest funding opportunities and cover our top tips for a winning application. Read on to find out more. Pursuing further study to achieve your career goals is exciting but navigating the funding and...

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An international student's guide to late applications and Clearing 2022

Think you’ve left it too late to study in the UK and apply to Newcastle University this year? Or perhaps you’re worrying about your exam results, and don’t know how to make your dream of studying at a world top 125 university come true? In fact, not only do you still have plenty of time to apply to...

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Applying through UCAS – a guide for parents of international students

Applying to university is an exciting time for your child, especially if they have decided they want to study at a university in the UK.

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Trick your brain to improve your revision

Want to know how your brain works when you’re revising and how you can make what you learn stay in your head?   Our School of Psychology focuses on the scientific and experimental study of mind and behaviour with many of our degree programme leaders recognised as experts in their field – in fact...

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Need revision advice? We asked our students...

With exams just around the corner, we wanted to give you some top revision tips that actually work. So, we spoke to our students Ashley, Olivia, Giorgia and Leila. Here’s what they had to say:  

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