iNCLude | Mental Health Awareness Week

iNCLude | Mental Health Awareness Week

by Newcastle University

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and this year’s theme is kindness. All week we’re encouraging you to be kind to yourself and to others by building healthy, positive habits so we can all give our wellbeing a much-needed boost.

Download our iNCLude app for iPhone or Android now and play along with our daily wellbeing challenges all week. Take on a well-being boosting new challenge each day and pick up awards for taking part!

Monday - Be Active


Target: 200,000 steps

To complete by: 24/05/2020

Let’s get active! You can walk, do some yoga, run, cycle - anything! Together, over the next 7 days, let’s see if we can reach 200,000 steps.

Record any ‘Be Active’ habit and the iNCLude app will convert into steps.


Tuesday – Give


Target: 100 times

To complete by: 24/05/2020

Complimenting someone is a great way of showing kindness and making people feel good, boosting both their wellbeing and your own.

Join our compliment challenge and let’s see if together, as a University, we can give out 100 compliments over the next 7 days.

Record your compliments as completed and the amount of times, through iNCLude ‘Give’.


Wednesday – Take Notice


Target: 100 minutes

To complete by: 26/05/2020

Mindfulness awareness is a powerful tool for helping you find peace of mind and letting your mind's unhelpful thoughts go.

Be kind to your mind and join our challenge as we attempt to reach 100 minutes of mindfulness podcasts viewed. Work your way through foundation level 1 and 2 programmes within the iNCLude app.

Record habit as completed, including minutes, through iNCLude ‘Take Notice’.


Thursday – Keep Learning


Target: 100 times

To complete by: 27/05/2020

Life isn't always about what we want or desire the most; it's also important to focus on what we have and to be grateful for it. Showing gratitude can help us to feel more positive and happier.

Start a gratitude journal or write down two things you are grateful for each day. Let’s see if we can show gratitude 100 times!

Record habit as completed through iNCLude ‘Keep Learning’. Each occasion counts as one time.


Friday – Connect


Target: 100 times

To complete by: 28/05/2020

Has it been a while since you checked in on a certain friend or family member? Have you been meaning to call someone for a while but keep putting it off? Being in isolation doesn’t mean we need to feel isolated

Let’s connect! Reach out to others by checking-in with them through text, phone call or any other way of communication. Join our challenge and let’s see if, together, we can reach out to others 100 times.

Record habit as completed, including how many times, through iNCLude ‘Connect’.

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