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How to meet your flatmates and coursemates before starting university

How to meet your flatmates and coursemates before starting university

by Newcastle University

These are unusual times, and while we’re all getting to grips with living through computers and trying to get fresh air when we can, you might be wondering how you can get to know your future university flatmates and coursemates from home.

But even though some things seem uncertain, there’s still a lot to look forward to! Starting university is the first big step towards an exciting future, and there’s a lot you can do now to plan and prepare – including chatting to your future flatmates and coursemates.

How to talk to your future flatmates and coursemates

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If you’re an offer holder with us, you can request to join our Facebook Offer Holders closed group here. University staff post there so you’re the first to know our updates. We also post occasional polls, so we can make sure that we’re sending you exactly what you need.

But the Facebook Offer Holders closed group is also a place where you can ask fellow group members if they’re studying on your course or are applying to the same accommodation sites, and start chatting with them.

There’s a whole community of Offer Holders already talking to one another, so would you like to join in?

How to talk to current students on your course

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If you have a question about how your future degree course works, you can contact our current students through our online chat and messaging platform – Unibuddy.

Browse our Buddies by degree level or subject, and either send them your questions or read the blogs they’ve written first.

How to make sure you receive regular updates from us


There’s a lot to think about during the Covid-19 pandemic, including studying from home, how your exams will be marked, and how universities will be processing admissions. You can find a lot of this information in our dedicated student enquiries FAQs – which we’re updating all the time with new information as we have it.

If you’re an applicant, offer holder, or have told us that you’re interested in studying at Newcastle in the future, we’ll also be updating you via email. If you would like to receive our emails and you don’t already, you can sign up here.

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